Infinity Tours plans group tours that are fun, efficient, and educational. Our tours fit any budget and any group to destinations all across the country.

We have created a niche in the education community because of our understanding of teachers' needs and our ability to generate their desired results.

Our mission is to prove to teachers that impeccable service and unforgettable experiences don't have to come with a hefty price tag. We value students' money, and truly strive to make every penny count.


The thought of planning a tour terrifies most teachers, yet they are hesitant to hire a tour consultant for the added expense and hassle. Infinity Tours + Events offers tour consulting with a mission centered around the needs of the teacher, program, and students.

We have a transparency policy, which means we share all of the financial information about the tour with you. It's your money! You should know where it's all going. You'll receive a complete expense breakdown outlining how much each aspect of the tour actually cost, and how much you pay Infinity for our service. We take the mystery out of the cost, and anything not spent on the tour or consulting fees will be returned to you.


Planning a tour? Let our experienced team of tour consultants show you the difference Infinity can make for your tour.

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