Our Story

Mike and Greta crockett

Infinity Tours is a family company, founded and operated by Michael and Greta Crockett. Michael is a life-long musician who comes from a long line of educators in music and other specialties. He has studied under some of the finest choral and orchestra conductors in the states of Utah and Arizona. Greta has had more than seven years experience in the service industry, including event and wedding planning.

More than ten years ago, we started planning high school music tours to help Michael’s choir teacher mother. We’ve planned more than 100 tours to destinations throughout the US and Europe for high school choirs and music groups, cheer squads, and all types of other educational and performing groups.

What We Do

The thought of planning a tour terrifies most teachers, yet they are hesitant to hire a tour consultant for the added expense and hassle. Infinity Tours + Events offers tour consulting with a mission centered around the needs of the teacher, program, and students. We love seeing wide-eyed students experience New York City for the first time, or have a truly amazing musical opportunity. We work hard to provide memorable, seamless, and affordable tours so that the teachers and students can focus on enjoying the trip and the activities.

What Sets INFINITY Apart?

We have a transparency policy, which means we share all of the financial information about the tour with you. It’s your money! You should know where it’s all going.

Typically, a tour consultant includes large incentives in their tour package to maximize the price of the tour and then minimizes the cost of the tour. The difference between the prearranged price and the true cost of the tour is the tour consultant’s fee, and this information is rarely shared with the teacher. The result is often sub-par activities at an inflated price.

When you tour with Infinity, you’ll receive a complete expense breakdown outlining how much each aspect of the tour actually cost, and how much you pay Infinity for our service. We take the mystery out of the cost, and anything not spent on the tour or consulting fees will be returned to you. Really!

Many teachers are surprised when we hand them a check at the end of the tour, but we mean what we say: anything not spent on the tour or consulting fees will be returned to you!